Sonia Cotto

Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida

Sonia Cotto, CRNA, APRN is a 22+ year transplant native of South Florida, growing up in Iowa before moving to the Sunshine State in 1997. After spending a few years pursuing different career paths with her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Sonia found her true calling to heal and help others, returning to school and becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) in 2009. With years of experience in critical care and open-heart nursing, Sonia achieved her ultimate goal, completing her Master’s degree in Anesthesiology and becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) in 2016.

Sonia and Khali met working as nurses in the open-heart unit in Miami-Dade and again as CRNA’s at various hospitals and centers in South Florida. In discovering the benefits that ketamine provides for patients suffering from mental illness, Khali and Sonia set out to make it available for their community in South Florida. They, along with Dr. Delvena Thomas, opened the Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida in May of 2020 and have quickly become the providers of choice for individualized ketamine infusion treatments in the South Florida community. Their mission is to empower everyone to take control of their mental health and live their best life.

Sonia has a focus on increasing awareness of the benefits of low-dose ketamine for mental health and avidly stresses the importance of Integration and journaling as a way to solidify and expand the relief of ketamine in its use as psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Her contributions to the psychedelic space start with ASKP, Microdose, Cannadelic Miami, Osmind, and more.