Michael C. Minardi, ESQ

Chairman, Regulate Florida

Compassionate, Driven, and Committed to You.
Born and raised in the small town of Londonderry, New Hampshire, Michael C. Minardi discovered his passions in life: politics and the law. When Michael was just 11 years old, he witnessed the death of his father due to a fatal heart attack. He was raised by his passionate and fiery Italian mother, who worked hard to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. In 2003 he lost his mother to lung cancer.

The difficulties he went through made him who he is today. Michael is, and has always been, passionate about his desire to represent the people in the legislature to help create a better life for everyone. He has been an attorney for over 20 years defending those who are unable to defend themselves and fighting for what he thinks is right. He is ready to listen to his constituents’ problems and to do those things that are necessary to make the State of Florida better for us all.

“I am lucky to be living my dream as an attorney, fighting for legalization, and now running for office with a chance to represent the people. I want to help create laws that enhance our society, not through hand-outs but by providing a hand up to those struggling, so everyone has the tools and ability to do the same and live their dreams.”


Feb 4th Sat

Legalization Without Commercialization: Protecting Entheogens from Corporate Expolitation