Lucas Gerler

Founder @LiquidGold Consulting; Investor @Zeise Farms, Dir. Of BD @Panacea Plant Science

Lucas W. Gerler has been active in the cannabis and psychedelic space for over two decades. He believes in the freedom to medicate your body as you see fit and is an advocate of legalizing all drugs (not regulating).

Mr. Gerler founded LiquidGold Consulting, bringing much needed operational talent and hands-on go-to-market direction to emerging business in the space. He served as the Director of Digital Marketing for AltMed/MUV prior to their acquisition by Verano, helping them grow from one 5,000 sq ft grow in AZ to the MSO they are today. Concurrently with his other duties, Lucas is the Managing Director at X Social Media - INC 500’s 159th Fastest Growing Company - managing $50M in annual advertising spend for his clients.

He is an active Investor and currently holds investments in companies such as Ziese Farms, which received the only FDA letter of approval for hemp greens to be sold as food items in the USA (now being served at Gusto Green restaurant in LA). Lucas plays an active role in the business development of Panacea Plant Sciences, which holds 1 of 2 DEA licenses for mescaline production for research purposes in the US and is currently raising $6M after announcing partnerships with other leading research companies and universities. Psychedelics are the next wave of therapeutic and recreational products and Panacea has filed patents covering a variety of formulations and form factors containing psychedelic compounds.

Lucas has always made a point to be at the forefront of emerging technologies. At one point, he stopped The BOX Purify & Infuse from going to market after exhaustive R&D testing - citing his personal ethics. Before he put the BOX to rest, he developed an infusion method and sold into the AZ market the first-ever truly infused cannabis pre-rolls. An article was later published in Terpenes & Testing Magazine for his work with the BOX.