Krysta Jones

Cannabis Consultant, Owner/THC Girls

Krysta Jones Cannabis Business Consultant, Owner/ Operator of the THC Girls, Board Advisor and Consultant for Unified Global Cannabis

Her mission is simple to help create sustainable brands and connect the community.

Starting her Cannabis Career in the earlier stages of the Medical Cannabis market in Colorado, Krysta quickly learned how to be nimble and quick with in the space. Her background consist of many start up companies across Colorado as the legal market came together. From Dispensing to Cultivation Krysta pivoted through out the industry building a strong reputation.

2014 Krysta started the The High Country Girls aka The THC Girls as she notice that traditional outlets were not available for the Cannabis Industry.

In 2017 as Krysta continued to build her career in Cultivation she was recruited to Direct a 35,000 sq ft start up in Oregon where she and her team successfully established a huge Brand, utilizing the THC Girls team and event capabilities.

Currently Krysta sits on the Board of Directors for multiple company's around the Globe and continues to build her brand and name with in the space in both THC and CBD.