Jenelle Becerra

Transformational Life and Psychedelic Integration Coach

Jenelle Becerra is a psychedelic integration coach who teaches people how to mindfully use psychedelic medicine and transformational coaching to achieve optimal well-being and peak performance. She earned her bachelor's degree in Health Science from Florida International University and is a certified life and wellness coach.

People interested in psychedelic medicine and mental health hire Jenelle because she uses a human-centered approach to redesign ingrained habits and beliefs, which extends the transformational benefits of the psychedelic experience into their daily lives for lasting positive change.

Jenell has participated in and guided psychedelic journeys for the last twenty years. In recent years, she has reaped the transformational benefits of using psychedelics and integration coaching. Last October, she participated in a two-day Ayahuasca retreat and shed 25 years of unprocessed grief and resentment; and has improved her quality of life and relationships since integrating the insights gained after the experience.

Jenelle is most passionate about empowering others to transform their lives through intentional life and wellness design. She loves the grounding nature of adventure travel and hiking. And she can whip up some of the best conversations and cafecito in Miami.


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