Jay W. Michaels

Cannabis Expert and Master Breeder

Jay W. Michaels curates one of the largest collections of cannabis genetics in the world. He is COO of NorCal Seeds and Genetics (NSG) and has been a cannabis advocate for over 50 years.


Writer, Cannabis Researcher, Breeder, Cultivator, Inventor, and Cannabis Expert.

Jay is considered one of the top breeders of cannabis in the world creating whole classes of cannabis that never existed in nature. He is a master breeder with intimate knowledge of how to exploit modern genetic techniques. Jay has decades of experience cultivating indoor and outdoor cannabis for research and development and commercially for consumption. He has hands on experience on collecting landraces, traveling abroad for genetics and sourcing rare cannabinoid ratios.

Jay also consults breeders who wish to patent and or license their genetics and is often called upon to opine on cannabis in litigation matters as a recognized cannabis expert. NorCal Seeds and Genetics Linkedin: Jay W. Michaels Instagram jay@norcalseedandgentics.com