Elizabeth Hayes

Cannabis & Psychedelic Nurse

Elizabeth Hayes, RN NC_BC, is the Director of Compassionate Care Nursing Services and the Pot Luck Book Club. She has 15+ years of experience in Oncology Nursing. In 2015 she found herself suddenly wheelchair bound and unable to walk. While 90% of her small nerve fibers have been destroyed, the medical doctors have been unable to find the cause.

She struggled for several years unable to walk unassisted, having to crawl upstairs. Traditional allopathic pharmaceuticals gave her life-threatening side effects and her world was turned upside down.

As a nurse educator and patient, she was increasingly frustrated at the lack of accurate medical information and support for patients. She finally found a knowledgeable medical doctor, joined the American Cannabis Nursing Association, the International Psychedelic Nursing Association and began to learn and study everything she could about natural, alternative plant medicines.

Elizabeth no longer needs assistance to walk. She not only can walk upstairs but she is back to dancing and daring to dream. She has used quarantine to become a Board Certified Integrative Holistic Nurse Coach. Elizabeth knows neither cannabis, nor psychedelics need to be your lifestyle to be your life saver.

She has left working in the hospital setting and through her business; Compassionate Care Nursing Services, she helps fellow patients, other medical professionals, and the greater community understand the true medical benefits of all types of natural medicine. She works with individuals and groups through education, advocacy, and holistic nurse coaching to find safe solutions to better their lives.

She is passionate about the need to break the stigmas surrounding natural medicines, the importance of nurses participating in harm reduction and integration of these medicines. She hopes that all of you will fight in your given communities to get cannabis out of its Schedule 1 drug classification, fight for more funding for psychedelic and cannabis research, and if you are a patient, will help others understand the importance of these medicines in your lives.


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Nurses' Role in Entheogenic Medicine