Did you know?

Florida is the 3rd largest cannabis market in the U.S., behind just Colorado & California (and Florida is strictly medical).

  • 22 Current Vertically Integrated Licenses
  • 19 New MMJ Licenses Coming in 2021
  • 620,000 MMJ Patients
  • 370+ Dispensaries
  • 22,000 Licensed Acres of Hemp
  • $2.86B Invested in 2020

Although Florida has just a medical cannabis system, the state emerged as one of the nation’s most active cannabis markets in 2020, according to the recent cannabis jobs report by Leafly and Whitney Economics.

Florida ranked third in the country for cannabis sales in 2020 with an estimated total reaching $1.3 billion, only behind Colorado and California, which both have adult-use cannabis markets and have had medical cannabis systems since the 1990s.

Home to 371 dispensaries spread across the state, Florida added 170,000 patients in 2020, bringing the total of registered patients to 615,693. The state also added roughly 15,000 cannabis jobs in 2020, bringing the total number of Floridians employed by the medical cannabis sector to 31,444. The report suggests Florida’s cannabis receipts could easily double if the state adopted adult-use cannabis, estimating the potential for up to $2.1 billion in sales, $800,000 per month in taxes, and up to 80,000 local jobs by 2025.

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