Speakers & Agenda

Dr. Michelle Weiner

Cannabis & Psychedelic Physician

Zappy Zapolin

Psychedelic Concierge

Tim Blake

Founder, Executive Producer of Emerald Cup & Author

Rohan Marley


Dustin Robinson, Esq.

Mr. Psychedelic Law & Mr. Cannabis Law

Stephanie Frohock

VP of Marketing & Sales, The Flowery

Max Montrose

Founder of the Cannabis Sommelier & Serous Psychonaut

Carlos “Los” Arias, J.D.

Founder and CEO Green Horizons, Principal at Psychedelia Magazine & Psychedelics Now

Julia Mirer MD

Director of Strategy at Nushama

Patrick Moher

President, Microdose

The Dank Duchess

Hashish Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator

Michael C. Minardi, ESQ

Chairman, Regulate Florida

Dr. Denise Vidot

Cannabis Epidemiologist

Bill Levers

Beard Bros Pharms

Jeff Levers

Beard Bros Pharms

John Atanasio

CEO, Founder & Activist

Dr. Kelly King

Florida ER & Cannabis Physician

Douglas K. Gordon

CEO, Silo Wellness

Rachael Carlevale

Founder of Ganjasana + Suelo Vivo

Tom Zuber

Managing Partner of Zuber Lawler, Founder of Psychedelia

Zack Lawrence

Vine Ventures

Garyn Angel

CEO and Founder of Magical Brands

Ryan Morales

Candidate for FL Commissioner of Agriculture

Greg Lake

CEO, Entheoconnect

Gary Smith, Esq.

Author, Psychedelica Lex

Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author & Psychedelic Entrepreneur

Steve Bloom


Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW

Founder CANNECTD Wellness

Dr. Scott Fisher

Lead Facilitator, Segal Trials

David Heldreth

Founder/CEO, Panacea Plant Sciences

Oswaldo Graziani

Dir. of Marketing & Creative, FLUENT

Emma Collard

Florida Cannabis Consultant

Joseph Lichter, PhD

Psychedelic Professor, FIU

Elizabeth Hayes

Cannabis & Psychedelic Nurse

Elizabeth Corbett

VP of Sales at AE Global

Brianna Bowes

Founder, Nexx Holdings

Nurse Colleen

Cannabis & Psychedelic Nurse

Joshua Navarro

Florida Hemp Council / Greene’s Reserve

Natalia Velasco

Chief People Officer, FLUENT

Lucas Gerler

Founder @LiquidGold Consulting; Dir. @X Social Media, Investor @Zeise Farms, Dir. Of BD @Panacea Plant Science

Dr. Mark Braunstein

CEO at Reconscious Medical

Bryan Passman

Co-Founder, Hunter + Esquire

Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD

President/Founder WCI HEALTH LLC

David Kotler, Esq.

President and CEO, Lake Life Farms

Valery Montanez

Executive Director, Decriminalize Nature Florida

Moriah Barnhart

CEO, CannaMoms / Co-Founder WISE Florida

Jeffrey DeMond

The Grateful Veteran

Masha Belinson

ACS Laboratory, Corporate Growth Extract Collective, Co-Founder Cannafamilia, Co-Founder

Warren Harasz

VP, Regulatory Compliance at CannAspire

Bonnie Segal

Co-Founder and President of Segal Trials

Alec Anello

Whiteleaf Consulting / Decriminalize Nature Florida

Steven Holdt

CEO & Founder, Tune In Psychedelics

Scott Theaman

CEO and Founder of Beyond Marketing

Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky

Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics

Mandy Harlan

Florida Marijuana Mentor

Catherine Sidman

Carbon Chemistry

Dustin Powers


Meagan Lynn Pilawski BSN

MS-Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics

Ron Millward

Founder and President, Balanced Veterans Network

Jaime Renee Cruz

Founder of 420Rx

​Marcus Moates

Natures Lab Extractions

Brandon Jones

The Boostman

Boo Williams

Retired NFL Star, Gridiron Cannabis Coalition

Lisa Buffo

Cannabis Marketing Association

Reggie Harris

Oakland Hyphae / Hyphae Labs

Cassandra Posey

Founder of Cognitive Function

Dr. Luis Enrique R. Liogier-Weyback

President and Founder of Doctor Jane

Jessica Morell

Psychedelic Nurse

Derek Thomas

Chief Growth Officer, AE Global

Deontae Rodney Mack

CEO and Founder of Vibesbnb

Rachelle Gordon

Cannabis & Psychedelic Journalist

Krysta Jones

Cannabis Consultant, Owner/THC Girls

Courtney Barnes

Barnes Caplan LLP

Philip Wolf

Visionary l CashoM

Anthony Gonzalez, LCSW, QS

Alere Emotional Health

Sarah Jain Bergman

Certified Ganjier and Hash Sommelier

Justin Cummings

VP, Naturepay

Josh Crossney

Founder of CSC Events

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Traditional Naturopath

Jane Bowyer


Angela Ardolino

The Pet Cannabis Expert

Nurse Deb

Veteran and Registered Nurse

Charles Patti

Myself Wellness

Iron Eagle

Chief of Tanahuachi Native American Church

Jessica Watson

Owner of ChemChix

Susan Scherer

Founder and CEO of HHC Brands

Harry Stern

WeBeleaf Recovery

Jamie L. Pearson

President & CEO of Bhang Inc.

Warren Gumpel

Co-founder, KetaMD

Alex Pasternack

EVP/CRO of binske

Tommy Lockward

CEO of Sun-Rei Wellness Plant Based Supplements

Dr. Rob “Doc Rob” Streisfeld

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine / Certified Natural Food Chef

Juan Pablo Cappello

Co-Founder and CEO / Nue Life Health

Kazi Hassan, M.D.

Co-Founder and Medical Director / Nue Life Health

Leah Benson, LMHC

Director of Integration Operations / Nue Life Health

Jose Bermudez

Freedom Town Holdings / Fluent

More speakers to be announced.