Cannadelic Speakers

Paul Stamets

World-Rekonwned Mycologist

Jason Silva

Brain Games / Storyteller, Futurist

Dr. Michelle Weiner

Cannabis & Psychedelic Physician

Rick Doblin, Ph.D.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Nancy Whiteman

CEO, Wana Brands; Founder, Wana Brands Foundation


GRAMMY Nominated Artist

Amanda Siebert

Journalist, FORBES

Joe Moore

CEO & Co-Founder, Psychedelics Today

Lizzy Jeff

Medicine Woman

Joseph Mays, MSc

IRI, Chacruna

Zappy Zapolin

Psychedelic Concierge

Dr. Ben Sessa

MBBS (MD) MRCPsych – Psychiatrist, Researcher and Writer

Jamie L. Pearson

President & CEO of Bhang Inc.

JoJo Simmons

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Kevin Harringon

Original Shark & Success Catalyst

Dr. Denise Vidot

Cannabis Epidemiologist

Joseph Lichter, PhD

Psychedelic Professor, FIU

Kyle Buller

Co-Founder, Psychedelics Today

Gary Smith, Esq.

Author, Psychedelica Lex

Greg Lake

CEO, Entheoconnect

Jeff Zuber

Partner, Zuber Lawler

Carlos “Los” Arias, J.D.

CEO, Green Horizons

Manuel Gil

Co-founder of Freedom Town Holdings, LLC

​Marcus Moates

Natures Lab Extractions

Durée Mellion Ross

President, Durée & Company

Ian Beckles

NFL | Dignitary Cafe

Nurse Deb

Veteran and Registered Nurse

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Founder, AxisWire / House of Saka

John J. Giordano

South Florida Ketamine Clinics

Philip Wolf

Visionary l CashoM

Garyn Angel

CEO and Founder of Magical Brands

Courtney Barnes

Barnes Caplan LLP

Reggie Harris

Oakland Hyphae / Hyphae Labs

Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD

President/Founder WCI HEALTH LLC

Marakame Modesto Rivera

Medicine Man, Traditional Artist, Musician

Dr. Lia Jiannine

Co-founder of INTIEM

Gustavo Fernandez

Native American Community Leader

Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author & Psychedelic Entrepreneur

Dr. Jonathan M. Fields

Integrative Medicine

Charles Patti

CEO & CBO at MY Self Wellness

Elizabeth Hayes

Cannabis & Psychedelic Nurse

Bryan Passman

Co-Founder, Hunter + Esquire

Josiah M Hesse

Author, Journalist

Oswaldo Graziani

Dir. of Marketing & Creative, FLUENT

Brianna Bowes

Founder, Nexx Holdings

Meagan Lynn Pilawski BSN

MS-Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics

Rachelle Gordon

Cannabis & Psychedelic Journalist

Krysta Jones

Cannabis Consultant, Owner/THC Girls

Jose Bermudez

Freedom Town Holdings / Fluent

Jessica Morell

Psychedelic Nurse

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW

Founder CANNECTD Wellness

Jenelle Becerra

Transformational Life and Psychedelic Integration Coach

Jillian Acosta

Registered Dietitian, Owner of The Root Cause Method

Shadi Ramey

Plant-Based Chef / Culinary Anthropologist

Dustin Robinson, Esq.

Mr. Psychedelic Law & Mr. Cannabis Law

Lucas Gerler

Founder @LiquidGold Consulting; Investor @Zeise Farms, Dir. Of BD @Panacea Plant Science

Gigi Diaz

Cannabis Concepts

Jeffrey DeMond

The Grateful Veteran

Jodi James

Florida Cannabis Action Network

Yasmine Egozi

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Mental Health Practitioner/ M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP

Dr. Lauren Seiderman Fields

Integrative Medicine

Brady Cobb

CEO, Sunburn Cannabis

Benjamin Moore

Church of Psilomethoxin

Jodi James

Florida Cannabis Action Network

Rachael Carlevale

Founder of Ganjasana + Suelo Vivo

Dawn-Marie Steenstra

Entourage Consulting Services

Jessica Stark

Psychedelic RN / Holistic Health & Integration Coach

Ashley Southard

Healer Collective

Jeffrey Trappe II

Director of Training and Development, Planet 13

Sara Stewart

Co-founder, RITUAL

Sonia Cotto

Ketamine & Wellness Clinic of South Florida

J.J. Michaels

CEO of NorCal Seeds and Genetics

Jay W. Michaels

Cannabis Expert and Master Breeder

Toby Pasman

Board-Certified Brain Trainer

Nurse Colleen

Cannabis & Psychedelic Nurse

More speakers to be announced.