Tommy Lockward

CEO of Sun-Rei Wellness Plant Based Supplements

Tommy Lockward was born in Dominican Republic. He is a wellness pioneer with eclectic talents and a true renaissance man. He holds a B.A. in Religion from the University of Florida and an A.S. in Film Production Technology from Miami-Dade College. After leaving an Associate Producer position in radio, Tommy is now the host of the "Wellness Revolution Podcast," where he collaborates with top wellness experts of all kinds. He ventured into his own wellness journey 7 years ago to relieve skin irritations, nervous system episodes and eye problems.

Trained by an experienced elder of the Rastafarian tradition that taught him about liquid fasting, food combinations, medical astrology, herbal remedies, meditation and metaphysics, Tommy continued his path of healing to later be trained on experimental fasting techniques by the world renowned healer and herbalist Dr. Sebi, who has had a track record with reversing numerous illnesses.

The methods Tommy uses are unique in that they combine practical instructions for application and results, as well as the spiritual and emotional understanding of healing. All of Tommy's products, services and events are geared towards the holistic expression of the healing arts. Tommy shares his gifts of healing with alkaline living, fasting, herbal remedies, meditation, Kemetic yoga (Egyptian Style of Yoga) and medicine music. Currently, the most complete experience of healing is provided within the "Fasting With The Masters Retreat."