Susan Scherer

Founder and CEO of HHC Brands

Susan Scherer is a veteran and seasoned RN with over 20 + years in the oncology, critical care, and patient advocacy space. She is the founder and CEO of HHC Brands which holds the subsidiary Heavenly Hash Creamery. Founded in Florida in 2018, Heavenly Hash Creamery was the first ice cream manufacturer to produce CBD infused ice cream on a large scale. Heavenly Hash Creamery is a food technology company that utilizes frozen desserts as a medical delivery system for cannabis and other related compounds. As an entrepreneur and innovator, she is committed to patient and consumer safety, science based evidence for future product development and raising the manufacturing standards for cannabis products. Susan continues to work on legislative efforts regarding patient advocacy and cannabis on a federal and state level. In 2017 she drafted a bill that passed and became law improving patient rights in the state of Florida . In May, she completes her 2 year master’s degree in medical cannabis science and therapeutics from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.