Stephanie Frohock

VP of Marketing & Sales, The Flowery

After graduating with both Finance and Marketing degrees from Florida International, Stephanie entered the spirit world as a financial analyst in Bacardi USA’s Miami office. A marketing budget of nearly $36M, on twelve brands, was a quick education in big, corporate P&L. Her fourteen year journey in the beverage business navigated from big brand spirits, through the origins of the craft beer craze, and dove deep into full brand production of boutique wines, both here and abroad.


Steph found her niche as Brand Manager at TBS in Charleston, SC. She oversaw every aspect of 4 core beverage and 12 emerging brands, with a lean, but highly productive, team of 6. Her mastery of the alcohol bureau (TTB), while not a medical board, prepared her for the legal and finesse idiosyncrasies of that of cannabis (OMMU).


Stephanie has built The Flowery from the ground up. From organizing initial strategy, to developing delivery routes, and managing customer expectations, she has immersed herself in understanding this emerging market. In a very short time, The Flowery has set itself apart as high quality flower-focused, and a truly elevated patient experience.