Sarah Jain Bergman

Certified Ganjier and Hash Sommelier
Sarah Jane Bergman is a Certified Ganjier and Hash Sommelier. She specializes in Hash and Food Terpene Pairings with best concentrates available! Working with clients existing menus and newly released products she creates food and dab pairings that will excite the senses!
If cannabis is similar to alcohol- then hash would be the equivalent of fine wine! Sarah helps you to explore the similarities between the world of fine wine and tasting to the world of top shelf hash and dabbing!
She has well developed palate and can impart my knowledge of flavors to create amazing flavor combinations pairing hash with food. She specializes in concentrates, but also have extensive knowledge about cannabis and most cannabis products in general. She has judged many different cannabis/hash competitions over the years, in addition to throwing her own hash competition events- Hash Masters Challenge in Barcelona (2015) and San Francisco 2016
She can help even someone who has never tried cannabis before to have an enjoyable and safe experience, as well as find those rare sought after flavors for the experienced connoisseur!
Her pairing events and dinners can provide an introduction to dabbing demo combined with Terpene pairings for a delightful experience for your palate. They are a great way to debut your products to potential clients and to educate staff.
She has 10+ years experience in the cannabis industry. Her love of cannabis brought her to California and then to Amsterdam, Barcelona, and back to Santa Rosa California.
She has been fortunate to have had some amazing friends and mentors within the cannabis community- both in California and abroad.
Her main background had been in social media and marketing. 10+ years experience as an internationally published professional model. Coming up 20 years of business management experience this next year.
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