Reggie Harris

Oakland Hyphae / Hyphae Labs

Reggie has over a decade of political campaign experience ranging from city council races to presidential elections. On the West Coast Reggie worked on a local level to replace police with guidance counselors in Oakland public schools with the Black Organizing Project in West Oakland. More recently he managed the western and southwestern state campaigns with Color of Change PAC that turned the state of Nevada blue.

Reggie has consulted with the largest mushroom cultivators in the world. He has worked with the largest cultivators in The Netherlands and has recently advised in the establishment of the largest commercial mushroom farm and state of the art testing lab in Jamaica.

Over the past two years, Reggie has established Oakland Hyphae which hosted the Psilocybin Cup and The Oakland Psychedelic Conference, which was the most impactful psychedelic event of 2021.

He is a co-founder of Hyphae Labs which is leading the industry in psychedelic mushroom potency testing. Reggie has also founded Hyphae Nootropics offering adaptogenic medicinal fungi from Cordyceps to Lion’s Mane. Reggie is a strong advocate for who he calls, “the little guy” or the “legacy plant medicine workers”. It is Reggie’s goal to create barriers of entry to prevent big money interest groups from the same industry take over they did in cannabis. Ultimately he aims to protect the legacy plant medicine workers from corporate vultures.

He also has over 10 years of domestic experience in the US cannabis industry. Reggie is a member of the Advisory Board for Decriminalize Nature and is active and passionate in The Movement for Black Lives and an abolition of the police state.



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