Lynn Alison Bornfriend MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Dr Bornfriend is a triple Board Certified psychiatrist in Adult, Child and Adolescent, and Forensic Psychiatry. She practiced medicine in a wide variety of clinical settings and specializes in psychiatric evaluation, treatment planning, medication management, crisis intervention, and both supportive and insight oriented psychotherapy. She spent 9 1/2 years working as the psychiatrist for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Zion, Illinois and has therefore become a specialist in psycho-oncology. In Philadelphia she was the sole educator for patients interested in learning about medical cannabis, helping patients understand the potential uses of cannabis in the control of the symptoms and side effects of their disease and its treatment, the efficacy in a wide range of disease states, its favorable toxicity profile and impact on the avoidance of polypharmacy, and its promotion of wellness as well as disease-fighting abilities. She explored the roots of cannabis prohibition in the United States and became fascinated with the potential it has in improving the quality of life for so many people. After leaving CTCA she has dedicated herself and her practice to cannabis education and serving as a thought leader in integrated medical treatments of both psychiatric and physiologic illness.