Joseph Lichter, PhD

Psychedelic Professor, FIU

Dr. Joseph Lichter is a teaching professor in the Chemistry & Biochemistry department and the Director of the Office of Pre-Health Advising. Dr. Lichter grew up in South Florida before leaving the area to pursue degrees from Florida State University (B.S. Biochemistry) and Emory University (Ph.D. Chemistry) before joining FIU. He teaches chemistry courses including the course, “The Psychedelic Renaissance”, which investigates the history, chemistry, neurobiology, risk and potential of psychedelics. There has been a great paradigm shift internationally in the last 2 to 3 decades and Lichter offers a course to critically investigate this movement, evaluating the research and aiming to create a course to ask the questions of whether the movement has true value or not. He coordinates his teaching with guests from Hopkins, Ohio State, and a variety of other experts in the field. Outside of his teaching, Lichter is an avid ultra runner and endurance coach.


Feb 3rd Fri

Are Psychedelics for Everyone?