John Atanasio

Enlightenment Health

John is a Visionary and Serial Entrepreneur with significant Executive Management experience. John founded Psilothera in response to trying to save the lives of family & friends who were suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicidal behavior. One severely struggling friend was literally saved after receiving a Shaman assisted high dose psilocybin treatment and that was the birth of Enlightenment Health.

John is an advocate for psilocybin decriminalization & legalization and testified in support of psilocybin decriminalization at a Legislative session of the State of Hawaii Legislature debating SB:738 on February 2020.

John has experience working with next generation web based platforms & technologies for Healthcare & Medical Industries: John’s Experience includes: Business Modeling & Strategy, Brand Strategy, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Technologies, e-RX Technologies, Online Practitioner Platforms & Patient Wellness Apps.


Feb 2nd Thurs

Recognizing the Spiritual Roots of Entheogenec Substances