Jessica Watson

Owner of ChemChix

Jessica has over 10 years of business start up and marketing strategy for multi- million-dollar companies. In the most recent years completely focusing on cannabis extraction. Through supplying the cannabis extraction industry, she developed a name for educating processor and labs about media adsorption, chromatography, remediation and post process purification.

Through Jessica’s work in cannabis extraction, she came to learn of a lot of awesome women that extract, educate and consult. There are many known women as well there are a lot of unknown women that are either not affiliated with a company/lab or they are hidden behind larger lab corporations.  Jessica felt that the women in our industry and community deserve to be acknowledged, highlighted, recognized, and supported. So, she created ChemChix, which is a community of dope ass women in the cannabis industry.

ChemChix is creating a proud space for women in hash. We support all women in cannabis with a specific focus on women in extraction. ChemChix has fellow association with Good Life Gang and Hashfight.

It is also the only woman owned extraction supply store.