Jenny Big Crow

Oglala Lakota Tribal Member, Business Development Consultant

Jenny Big Crow was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation which is one of the poorest places in America. It is also home to the proud Oglala Lakota which she is a member of. Her story is one of brokenness as she is a survivor of emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse. However, she has not allowed her past to stop her from the future that she is created for.


She is an Army veteran who has a college degree in accounting and holds a certification in Practical Theology. She also owns her own consulting company.

She is involved in social justices for indigenous right. She along with her tribal members passed the first ever Oglala Lakota Cannabis Laws on a Sovereign Nation in October of 2020 that would benefit small businesses.

She loves leading and teaching people how to have healthy and healing relationships within the communities.

She is passionate about bringing awareness to the historical trauma Native Americans endured throughout their history and advocates for change.

Jenny is available to speak at events by contacting her at 954-281-9840