Jeffrey DeMond

The Grateful Veteran

Jeffrey DeMond is a retired U.S Navy Senior Chief 100% disabled veteran, with over 20 years active duty service. Injured late in his career, after multiple deployments, he required several reconstructive surgeries to repair his ankles and shoulders. His medical conditions were treated with a cocktail of Opioids, Benzodiazepines and countless anti-depressants. After several (7-9) years of being over prescribed harmful opioids both on active duty and retirement, Jeff found a better way of life. He was introduced to Cannabis and its use as medicine. By using cannabis as medicine he has been able to stop the majority of his pharmaceutical prescriptions. He has been addiction free since 2010 and continues to use cannabis to control his pain, PTSD, and depression. Since finding a better way to manage his conditions, he has been advocating for the use of medical marijuana and educating to break down the stigma that surrounds it. A passionate patient rights activist, Jeff and his wife Tara recently founded The Grateful Veteran – a non-profit designed to aid service members financially with their doctor visits and state fees.


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