J.J. Michaels

CEO of NorCal Seeds and Genetics

J.J. Michaels aka Jungle Jenny is the co-founder and CEO of NorCal Seeds and Genetics (NSG), one of the largest collections of cannabis genetics in the world. J.J. is a wildlife and cannabis advocate, expert in skin care, product development and marketing being the primary formulator and creator of Cannassage topicals and Spiffy Spray (patented). Known as “NorCal Jen” throughout California’s cannabis community, she was an early member of Women Grow and is a lifelong member of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance.

J.J. also co-founded two of the largest medical cannabis collectives—Crystal Garden was one of the largest full service medical cannabis collectives in California with over 10,000 active members and Wine Country Connoisseurs (WCC) in Sonoma County supplying a complete range of unique cannabis products similar to a dispensary. WCC was the first collective to hold private soirees in Sonoma County, featuring food, wine, and cannabis, which promoted the medicinal benefits of terpenes.

Woman CEO, Cannabis Product Developer, Wellness Professional and Wildlife Advocate

As CEO of NSG, J.J. presides over Wine Country Cannabis, a lifestyle cannabis company that markets several “wine” cultivars and creations that mimic the aroma, color, and flavor of their wine varieties. J.J. helped create and develop Merlot Kush, Cabernet Kush, Pink Champagne, Cuvee Kush and other wine cultivars that have unique profiles containing beneficial medicinal compounds.

After receiving her MBA, J.J. studied clinical aromatherapy under Master Aromatherapist Jeanne Rose and completed her Postgraduate Honors Diploma from The International Dermal Institute. She provided professional treatments to clients for health and wellness specializing in touch and aroma therapies. At Crystal Garden Spa, she focused on cultivating whole body wellness through botanical medicine and restoring balance through stress reduction techniques.

Jungle Jenny has always been fascinated yet very concerned with our changing world and the flora and fauna struggling to survive in it. Her curiosity in understanding how human population and increased developmental activities have affected the Earth’s ecosystems & wildlife habitats over the years led J.J. on a “Earth Protector/Restorer” type of mission over the years. Her mission is to help protect tropical rainforest, preserve indigenous species, habitats & wildlife, protect critically endangered animals, provide education and be the voice that addresses threats to these conservation challenges. Her voice is the help humanity understand that we are all interconnected and believes that change starts with ordinary people (like herself) doing extraordinary meaningful work to make a difference.

J.J. has been covering the cannabis scene while documenting her wildlife adventures as a photojournalist for over two decades. During her travels, she explores exotic destinations, encourages eco/wildlife tourism, and shows how visiting these exotic animals in their natural environment has the greatest impact on helping them survive. NorCal Seeds and Genetics LinkedIn: Jennifer J. Michaels IG: NorCal Jen, NSG, Jungle Jenny Twitter: Jungle Jenny jen@norcalseedsandgenetics.com jj@junglejenny.com