Henry Calix

CEO, Weedsies.com

Henry Calix, a Miami local with a can-do attitude towards anything in life. Is the founder and CEO of Weedsies.com, an online marketplace that combines all three sectors: CBD, Hemp and Cannabis and is geared to be the amazon of cannabis. As CEO of Weedsies Henry is revolutionizing the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Industry by providing vendors the ability to sell any and all cannabis industry products online within each State’s regulations while still complying with federal law by separating State lines and only showing what legal in each State. Weedsies online marketplace was launched on April 20, 2020, amidst pandemic challenges, facilitating businesses in the cannabis industry with the ability to remain operational while their doors were closed.

Henry has created a platform that has combined the concept of eBay for its vendors with the concept of amazon for its users. “I love the process of entrepreneurship.” To me entrepreneurship is taking something and making it better for everyone.”

In the offline retail component, Henry Calix also opened the doors to Weedsies Mobile on April 20, 2021. Launching a Weedsies mobile truck becoming the first of its kind in the State of Florida to hold licenses and permits from the department of agriculture. Weedsies has now expanded to Weedsies age verifying vending machines. That can be placed in malls, hotels, nightclubs, smoke shops, and even airports.

As a technology company, weedsies continues to develop innovative online and offline retail solutions for the cannabis industry. With the leadership of Henry Calix, Weedsies is quickly becoming a pioneer in paving the future of the newly formed cannabis industry.