Harry Stern

WeBeleaf Recovery

My passion to help others comes from my own experiences with addiction and my life in long term recovery. My company has helped so many men and women kick start their journey in recovery through our sober living community.

Through my recovery process I was in a motorcycle accident and badly injured. When coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have to use pain medication for an extended period of time and knowing the consequences of these medications I was forced to find a healthier alternative.

Upon doing some research on CBD and Medical Marijuana and its healing properties I began to see that this was the best option for me. Seeking professional help, I decided to go that route. Within a couple of days, the inflammation and pain started to subside and soon after I began walking normal.

Knowing how devastating the opioid crisis is I started doing more research and I began to understand that this could also really help others in the recovery community gain there life back. At this point I decided to create a company called WeBeleaf Recovery and open recovery residences that accepted individuals in recovery to use Medicinal Marijuana. Through this we have had the gift of seeing hundreds of people’s lives change, people suffering with substance abuse disorders that were not able to put together two days without using drugs or alcohol are now living healthy drug free lives and have a community that loves and supports them with no judgement.