Dr. Lauren Leiva

Founder, The ExerScience Center

Dr. Leiva is a multidimensional Doctor of Physical Therapy who merges ancient divine wisdom with modern medicine. Dr. Leiva connects mind, body, spirit, and heart, and truly embodies sacred healing; healing that addresses and pinpoints every patient need. Dr. Leiva identifies both the physical and energetic forces of the human anatomy in her Physical Therapy work. Combining both physical and energetic medicine has supported her large variety of patients, from hometown families to NFL players.

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, yogi and Doctor of Physical Therapy, are only titles that express the nurturing capacity of Dr. Leiva. Dr. leiva is more than a title, she is love personified. Her healings, teachings, and expressions, all serve the bigger picture of being the voice for the new generation of highly intentional doctors that are emotional, energetic, AND intellectual. Her capacity to overcome all odds is just as inspiring as her clinical work. Anything you need will be meet with compassion at The Exerscience Center, Tampa, Florida. From hospital bed to successful Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Leiva is the living example of the healer that had to heal first to shed wisdom into the world.