Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Traditional Naturopath

Dr. Lakisha is a Traditional Naturopath and registered clinical herbalist through the American
Herbalist Guild. Her core competencies include utilizing herbs as the basis of nutrition to combat
the symptoms of chronic, degenerative, and terminal illnesses. In addition, Dr. Lakisha actively
works to ensure that people have the right to choose medical options (traditional, alternative, or
otherwise) that support their health and healing journey.

Dr. Lakisha's core focus is on the Endogenous cannabinoid system, including the biochemical and
physiological effects of phytocannabinoids. She advocates for plant medicine through education
and support services and uses her influence to educate people on phytocannabinoid nutrition and
dietary supplementation. Furthermore, Dr. Lakisha has a sincere passion for empowering patients
to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. Dr. Lakisha is proud
to bridge the gap between western medicine and the "alternatives" while providing a safe and
nurturing atmosphere for healing.

As a clinical herbalist, Dr. Lakisha practices relationship-centered healthcare and has a passion for
assisting others through herbal education. She has a working knowledge of the therapeutic action
in various botanical materia medica and has over 400 proprietary botanical blends, of which 48
contain a phytocannabinoid profile. She has a strong focus on working with people to alleviate
symptoms that are causing health concerns and correcting underlying imbalances mentally,
physically, and spiritually. Dr. Lakisha routinely practices gathering and growing herbs and
personally compounding medicines in small batches to maintain consistency in formulation and

Business Portfolio:
Dr. Lakisha is the founder and President of the Kiona Foundation. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization focuses on organisms, their life processes, and how they relate to one another and the
environment. The organization also provides financial and in-kind assistance to cancer survivors.
The Kiona Foundation provides traditional medicine at low to no cost as a service to cancer
survivors both domestically in the United States and internationally in both Jamaica and Australia.
Dr. Lakisha is also the founder and President of TGR Holdings LTD and Jenasis Cooperative
Incorporated. In addition, Dr. Lakisha honors her commitment to the cooperative movement by
supporting the efforts of Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated, an association of business owners and
professionals that share similar economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly
owned and democratically controlled enterprises.

Advocacy and Involvement:
Dr. Lakisha has been involved in the cannabis industry, formally, beginning in 2006. She became
a Founding Board Member and first elected President of the California Cannabis Industry
Association in 2012 and served on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board (2013-2015)
as the California State Representative and the founding Chair of their Minority Business Council.
She is currently a member of the ASTM D37 committee, creating global standards on cannabis
cultivation and manufacturing. Dr. Lakisha also serves as an advisor and member of the Health
and Wellness Committee of the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica, where she currently
resides and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the Zimbabwe Hemp Trust.

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