Douglas K. Gordon

CEO, Silo Wellness

Douglas is the CEO of Silo Wellness, a multinational, publicly-held company with global HQ in Toronto, Canada and operations in both Jamaica and Oregon. Silo’s mission is to support in the reduction of trauma and increased performance through psychedelic, time tested natural medicines.

From inception, Silo’s focus has been to serve clients searching for more mindful and expansive lives. Psychedelics offer a pathway to that sort of enriched experience, and the company is actively exploring remedies that can be widely, economically and safely distributed to patients.

Silo Wellness recently began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under ticker symbol SILO.
In 2021 Silo introduced the world’s first truly global mushroom company, partnering with the internationally renowned and respected Marley family to both further the company’s vision to educate and expand the broader market about both functional and psychedelic mushrooms, but also to bring more attention and awareness to the natural plant-based medicine sector.

Douglas began his career in commercial banking with Bank of America, before pursuing entrepreneurial ventures that shaped the next 20 years of his career. He is a visionary leader with a natural ability to look beyond the clutter and inspire others towards long term goals.

No stranger to the worlds of natural plant-based medicine, in 2016, he founded CanEx Jamaica - the premier Cannabis Business Conference & Expo that takes place in the Caribbean. The conference celebrated 4 years in 2019 with 2500 attendees from 37 countries and over 100 speakers, including keynotes from some of the top industry leaders across the globe. In the six years in which he has been a part of this burgeoning industry, he has spoken at many events around the world, including Toronto, Washington DC, Mexico City, Dublin, London, Port of Spain and Bogota. Through CanEx he has forged a wide global network with special attention to developing business opportunities in the Caribbean and LATAM.

He served as Chairman of Zimmer & Co. a health and wellness distribution company specializing in medicinal cannabis and hemp-based CBD products, from its inception to 2021.

Douglas has extensive experience in media as the founder of the OCEAN Style publishing brand which became synonymous with luxury lifestyle in the Caribbean.

Douglas attended high school in New York before pursuing a degree in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has travelled extensively and enjoys meeting people and exposure to new cultures.