Charles Patti

CEO & CBO at MY Self Wellness

My name is Charles Patti and my journey to self awareness and healing began over nine years ago. Like so many others who have been through trauma and addiction, I found myself lost and unable to cultivate healing that sustained me long term. I spent many years hiding from myself, and unable to understand how to create healing within me that could impact true change in my life.

It was not until I began to incorporate psychedelics in a therapeutic way that I began to see a transformation taking place within me. There is a connection to healing our trauma and re-wiring our nervous system. Psychedelics can be a useful tool when done in a safe set and setting, and incorporating integrative practices to assist you in the long term. The journey is not in the medicine, but when you take what you have witnessed and bring it back into a daily practice.

Everyone matters, there is not one soul on this planet that is less worthy or deserving to receive these healing modalities. It is my mission to bring these these healing modalities to the collective on a global level. I believe monetary status should not be what stands in the way of anyones healing journey. We rise and heal together is what this is all about.


Feb 2nd Thurs

The Rise of the Psychedelic Clinic