Brianna Bowes

Founder, Nexx Holdings

Brianna Bowes is a cannabis industry leader and founder of Nexx Holdings, a network of expanding cannabis service lines, products and entities such as clinics, gourmet edibles, and restaurants. She has a vision for the U.S. cannabis industry that protects it from turning into Big Pharma. Instead her goal is for the cannabis industry to focus on research, conscious development and helping people learn how to use cannabis for health benefits, whether medical, recreational, or aesthetic. Seen as a trailblazer for young minority women, Brianna places emphasis on education and establishing industry standards for the benefit of the consumer and industry alike.

She is on track to revolutionize the cannabis industry in major U.S. cities with full-fledged health care clinics, Cannabis infused food & beverage offerings and fine dining, consumption lounges, ketamine treatments and more. Beyond holding the coveted position of the Florida Executive Director of the Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, her vision and strategy includes establishing partnerships with well-known brands and organizations to facilitate her mainstream efforts of cannabis products in the U.S.


Feb 4th Sat

Cannabis for Wellness