Bill Levers

Beard Bros Pharms

Started Beard Bros Pharms as a brand in early 2013 after failed passage of Prop 19 in California and highlighted the need to brand your business.


  • Operated as a state legal brand from 2013-present day
  • Advocacy Partners: worked with veteran and prisoner outreach groups since 2013 to advance organizational goals:
  • Veterans Action Council, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Weed 4 Warriors Project, Veterans Cannabis Coalition, Veterans Walk and Talk, Cando Clemency, Freedom Grow, Project Mission Green/Reeform
  • Created Media Company in 2018 to further serve the industry and add value to end use consumers through education, awareness, and advocacy
  • 130,000+ followers on Instagram, strong industry presence amongst C-suite execs and OGs alike on LinkedIn
  • 300+ original articles published to our website, along with our weekly Friday Sesh newsletter providing you with the week’s most pertinent headlines
  • Media Partners: Social Club TV, The Emerald Cup, Skunk Magazine, Greenstreet/Hall of Flowers


It all started with a seed…


Growing some of the finest craft cannabis in Southern California, brothers Bill and Jeff of Beard Bros. Pharms have also earned a reputation as outspoken advocates of the cannabis plant, and all of the benefits that it offers.


Staunch supporters of organizations like Veterans Cannabis Coalition, the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Veterans Walk & Talk, MISSION[GREEN], and more, Beard Bros. Pharms recognizes their role in the cannabis community and uses their platform as often and effectively as possible to help those less fortunate.


Originally hailing from Florida & Pennsylvania, and now located in Los Angeles, California, their outreach and influence on the cannabis culture quite literally spans across the country and beyond. With the recent launch of their own culture-based website at, the Bros have begun curating their own original news content, upcoming cannabis-related events, user-submitted content, and much more.


This is about way more than followers or likes, though. Bill and Jeff Levers understand and take very seriously how influential their voices can be, and the role that their cannabis coverage plays in preserving grassroots cannabis culture. This is what they work for every day. As cannabis media companies continue to churn out boring, inconsequential Top 10 lists, Beard Bros. Pharms is on the cutting edge of what’s really happening, sharpening it. As corporate cannabis companies shell out tens of thousands of dollars to convince consumers that they know what they’re talking about, Beard Bros. Pharms falls back on decades of hard-earned, prohibition-era experience and street smarts.


Truly self-made entrepreneurs, these bearded brothers have beaten the odds, not only maintaining but strengthening their authenticity every step of the way.  From politics to propagation tips, Bill and Jeff have something to say.


Beard Bros. Pharms refuses to allow their dedication to genuine compassion to be stifled by the corporatization of the cannabis movement. With devoted support for veteran’s rights, patient’s rights, prisoner’s rights, and all of our rights over our own sovereignty as adults, Beard Bros. Pharms continues to harvest not only some of the best cannabis you’ll ever see but some of the best stories as well.