Autumn R. Karcey

CEO, Alchemy 29

Ms. Karcey began her career in cannabis over eighteen years ago in Northern California, where she learned the art of cultivation. Since that time, Ms. Karcey has honed her skills in many aspects of the industry, including; permit acquisition, facility design, and construction management.

In 2015 Ms. Karcey founded Cultivo, Inc., a construction management and design firm located in Southern California specializing in large-scale cultivation facility design. To date, Ms. Karcey and her team have designed and managed facility build-outs in over twenty US states and three countries.

In 2020 Ms. Karcey founded Alchemy 29, a vertical integration that consists of three multi-acre farms and a 67,000 square foot post-processing facility located in the heart of Northern California. Alchemy 29 provides high-quality sun grown cannabis and solventless products to the California market.

Overall, Ms. Karcey’s goal is to help educate lawmakers, consumers, and medical professionals to help implement standards and protocols of quality assurance to deliver safe, effective, medical-grade cannabis to patients and consumers in all legal markets.