​Marcus Moates

Natures Lab Extractions
Born & raised in Bentonville Arkansas. Attended University of Arkansas for mechanical engineering before transferring to Arizona State University to finish up college. Moved to LA to for engineering but fell into the crazy cannabis industry in 2007 officially. Proudly been a stoner all my life, from middle school through college. Started experimentation with isopropyl extraction in my college lab after hours. Once in Cali, my focus went to RSO, and later that year (2008) switched to hydrocarbon extraction using butane and founded Natures Lab Extractions. Now we develop our own hydrocarbon systems as well as a new washing machine for cold water extraction. Now we extracts & make: BHO, RSO, Rosin, Rosin Pens, Live Resin Pens, Distillate, Sublingual Strips, Rosin Edibles, & are currently performing heavy R&D on psilocybin extractions with lots of success thus far.
Hit the competition circuit back in 2014, and did very well with Hightimes in the USA, and went on to win awards in Spain, Colombia, and Chile. NLE now has 58 awards from BHO, Rosin, Infused Pre-Rolls, Infused Medical Product (moonrock), & Sublingual Strips. After the recreational laws started up, Natures Lab Consulting has acquired licensing deals and licenses in CA, MO, NV, OK, & AR. We have now merged with Cookies Retail (CRE) to move into the more US states and European countries. Florida is our next big lab install and state launch.

Feb 3rd Fri

The Similarities & Differences Between Extraction Methods for Cannabis & Mushrooms