Peter Hendricks, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Christina Cabrera-Elizondo

President, FIU Psychedelic Club

Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins Medicine

William Leonard Pickard

Former Harvard Kennedy School Drug Policy Fellow, Convicted in the largest LSD manufacturing case in history

Dr. Jerry Brown

Anthropologist, Ethnomycologist, and Award-Winning Educator

Dr. Michelle Weiner

Cannabis & Psychedelic Physician

Dr. Denise Vidot

Cannabis Epidemiologist

Julia Mirer MD

Director of Strategy at Nushama

Zappy Zapolin

Psychedelic Concierge

Rafael Lancelotta

MS, LPC, PhD student at The Ohio State University College of Social Work

Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author & Psychedelic Entrepreneur

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW

Founder CANNECTD Wellness


Joseph Lichter, PhD

Psychedelic Professor, FIU

Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD

President/Founder WCI HEALTH LLC

Michael C. Minardi, ESQ

Chairman, Regulate Florida

Mandy Harlan

Florida Marijuana Mentor

Mary Jane Oatman

Founder, ICANNC & Publisher, THC Magazine

Brianna Bowes

Founder, Nexx Holdings

Jenny Big Crow

Oglala Lakota Tribal Member, Business Development Consultant

Jenelle Becerra

Transformational Life and Psychedelic Integration Coach

Yasmine Egozi

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Mental Health Practitioner/ M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP

Cynthia Ortiz

Doctoral Graduate Student , UAB

Jeffrey DeMond

The Grateful Veteran

Nurse Deb

Veteran and Registered Nurse

Jillian Acosta

Registered Dietitian, Owner of The Root Cause Method

Ryan Morales

Candidate for FL Commissioner of Agriculture

Dr. Deana Goldin

PhD, DNP, APRN | Board Certified Family & Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Ron Millward

Founder and President, Balanced Veterans Network

Jeffrey D. Kamlet, MD, CACAM

World's Leading Ibogaine Expert

David A. McInnis

Founder, Newsworthy.Ai

Oswaldo Graziani

Dir. of Marketing & Creative, FLUENT

Constantino Manuel Torres

FIU, Professor Emeritus

Zachary Fleming

President of Surterra Wellness